Monthly sales exceeded 20,000 Ayrezer 5 and entered the first battalion of the car market.


BEIJING, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) recently, Chery Automobile released sales data for 2016. Among them, Erezer 5 sold 21148 cars in December, successfully joined the "20,000 club for monthly sales" and stepped into the first camp of the car market, successfully realizing the magnificent upgrading from "Danghong Little Fresh Meat" to "Powerful Star".
As the first new car in Chery Strategy 2.0 era, Erezer 5 has been listed simultaneously in 18 cities in China, Chile and Iran, becoming the first Chinese brand car to be listed synchronously in the world. After its listing, the sales of Erezer 5 have risen steadily, exceeding 10,000 in eight consecutive months, breaking the 100,000 mark in 253 days and becoming a Chinese car. In December, Erezer 5 scored 56.24 points for the 2015 version of C-NCAP Five-Star Safety Assessment, and created the highest score for the same class of vehicles.
Monthly sales exceeded 20,000 Ayrezer 5 and entered the first battalion of the car market.
Throughout 2016, the actual sales time of Erezer 5 was less than 10 months, with a total sales volume of more than 129,000 vehicles. In the car market where joint ventures dominate, Erezer 5 ranked first with undisputed strong performance.
Erezer 5 is equipped with "Cloudrive 2.0 Intelligent Cloud Interconnection Driving System" developed jointly by Chery Automobile and CTU Xunfei, which covers the whole vehicle at full speed of 4,000 Wifi, 8-inch super-large high-definition touch central control display screen, mobile phone mapping, etc. Especially the intelligent voice interaction system with high recognition rate, so that users do not need to start, but simply pass through it. Oral communication makes it easy to play with navigation, music, news and other applications.
In the R&D stage, Erezer 5 is designed and developed in accordance with the super five-star safety standards. The whole vehicle adopts the 3R-Body body structure design concept and cage body structure design. The amount of high strength steel plate used in the whole vehicle exceeds 60%. The hot-formed steel is used in six parts, such as left and right AB column plate, right and right side door collision plate, which greatly improves the vehicle performance. Vehicle safety performance. In addition, Erezer 5 is equipped with 6 airbags plus side air curtains, which is the leading competitor.
Monthly sales exceeded 20,000 Ayrezer 5 and entered the first battalion of the car market.
In terms of active safety, Erezer 5 is equipped with Bosch's latest ESP body stabilization system with HHC ramp auxiliary control system. Erezer 5 has excellent braking performance and can achieve a braking distance of 39.30 meters, which is much superior to its counterparts. Recently, Erezer 5 was awarded the 2015 version of C-NCAP Five-Star Safety Assessment with a high score of 56.24.
It is understood that among the 130,000 users of Erezer 5, the people after 85 and 90 account for more than 55%. More and more young people choose Erezer 5 as their first choice for car purchase.
At the same time, Chery's automobile marketing service network has been further upgraded. By the end of 2016, the third generation image stores under Chery 2.0 system have opened more than 160 stores nationwide. The new distribution network storefront facilities and service hardware have been upgraded in an all-round way, which makes the customers who buy cars feel more noble and professional service experience.
With the continuous accumulation of user reputation, brand marketing and sales service upgrading, we have reason to believe that the realization of "20,000 sales per month" is only the beginning, Erezer 5 is fully capable of challenging higher market goals.
It is understood that in order to better meet consumer demand for power, Chery will launch a new 51.5T model of Erezer in the first half of this year. The new model will be equipped with a new turbocharged engine built by Chery and will also be equipped with a 5MT/CVT gearbox. It is reported that the new 1.5T engine has all-round technological breakthroughs in lightweight, compact, dynamic response speed and fuel economy. The new model has acceleration, maneuverability and scientific and technological configuration. There will be a substantial increase in such areas.