Drip trips announce five new strategies and organizational upgrades to lay out the global automotive and transportation industries


February 16, the news, drip travel (hereinafter referred to as "drip drip") announced through full email the five strategic keywords of 2017 and the new upgraded organizational format. CEO Cheng Weiwei and CEO Liu Qing said in an e-mail that in 2016, drip-drip breakthroughs in various vertical areas have become the world's largest one-stop travel platform. But the prelude to sharing travel development is just beginning. In the next five years, we hope to become a world-class technology company to continue to promote and lead the transformation of the global transportation and automotive industry. On the basis of the travel platform, it has become the world's largest automobile operator and the leader of intelligent transportation technology.
In 2017, the five key words of the strategy are: practicing internal skills, intelligent transportation, winning by car, global layout and landing in torrents. In order to better support the strategic landing, focusing on resources to coordinate efforts, the company's organizational formation has been upgraded drop by drop. Upgraded, there will be a unique framework for the collaborative and efficient development of two major business groups, one FT team and multiple business departments.
The two major business groups are fast travel business group and quality travel business group. Fast travel business group consists of taxi business department, express business department, Youbu business department, platform operation Department and operation center. In 2017, the three major businesses of taxi, express and Youbu will accelerate all-round integration, pay attention to safety and experience, and provide one-stop travel service for the whole society with high speed and cost-effectiveness; while continuing to use technical means to improve the efficiency of taxi operation, reduce empty driving and increase taxi driver's income, the same will happen. We will accelerate the diversification and integration of taxi network appointments. Quick Business Group will also invest more resources to provide a deeper integration development, transformation and upgrading solution for traditional taxi enterprises, actively assist taxi enterprises to explore the development of cruise car business upgrading and online taxi business, and further speed up the integration development process of taxi network taxi business.
Drip trips announce five new strategies and organizational upgrades to lay out the global automotive and transportation industries
Quality travel business group will aim at "building world-class quality service", which consists of special vehicle business department, driving business department, enterprise business department and luxury car business department. This year, Droplet will further build a service brand to meet the diversified needs of users. In addition to providing users with standard and high-quality in-car environment, well-trained drivers and standardized service processes, Droplet will also provide users with personalized customized services. Let the driver really feel the dignity of the profession, have the spirit of service, and then provide better service for the passengers.
As one of the five strategies of this year, the newly established FT team of Intelligent Transportation, headed by Zhang Wensong, will join hands with local governments to build a smart transportation system and use big data to enable urban traffic management. Last year, in the construction of intelligent transportation, the FT team has already cooperated with local governments. The government departments of many cities have reached strategic cooperation and collaborative innovation. Cheng Wei and Liu Qing said in an e-mail that they hope to become the world's largest provider of integrated intelligent transportation services in this area.
The determination to internationalize is unswerving. In the upgrade of the organizational formation, Di Tie established the internationalization department, which is under the responsibility of Stephen, the head of the strategic department. Yang Jun, the head of the Department of Strategic Cooperation, will lead the newly established Auto Asset Management Center and the Hailang Business Department. Hou Jinglei is in charge of the Drop Safety Management Department. In 2017, the Department of Safety Management will coordinate with all departments and teams of Drop Safety Management Department to continuously build and improve the Drop Safety System to meet the needs of people's safe travel. At the same time, Philip is the head of the marketing department, aiming to upgrade the brand and reputation.

Full text of all emails sent by Cheng Wei and Liu Qing:
Dear Orange Man:
Happy New Year to you all!
The past year has been a milestone year. Through the continuous improvement of safety, experience and efficiency, we have made breakthroughs in various vertical areas of travel, achieving rapid growth and becoming the largest one-stop travel platform in the world. However, this is only a prelude to the transformation of transportation and automobile industry in the next five to ten years. As we have exchanged with you at the annual meeting, starting this year, we will work together to promote Droplet as a world-class technology company leading the transformation of automobile and transportation industry, and further become the largest automobile in the world on the basis of travel platform. Operators and leaders of intelligent transportation technology.
After many rounds of strategic discussion and reflection, the company put forward five strategic keywords in 2017: training internal skills, intelligent transportation, car winning, global layout, flood landing. In order to better support the strategic landing, focus on resources and coordinate efforts, better serve customers and create value, the company will upgrade the organizational formation as follows:
1. Establish a fast travel business group, including express train business department, taxi business department, Youbu business department, platform operation Department and operation center. Chen Ting, the former head of Express Business/Platform Operations, was the head of Business Group and also the head of Taxi Business Department. Cao Fang, former head of taxi business department, will be transferred to CTO assistant to participate in the construction of CTO frontier business. Sun Shu is in charge of Express Bus and Kate is in charge of Youbu Business, reporting to Chen Ting.
In the future, the group of fast travel undertakings will integrate the development of taxis and express trains, establish a healthy driver ecology, constantly improve efficiency, and provide users with safe, convenient and reliable travel services.
2. Establish quality travel business group, including special vehicle business department, enterprise business department, luxury car business department and driving agency business department. Fu Qiang, the former head of the special car, driving agent and wave business department, was in charge of the quality travel business group. Du Jincheng is in charge of the enterprise-level business department, Qiu Guangyu is in charge of the special car business department, Gong Xin is in charge of the driving agency department, and Yang Nan is in charge of the luxury car business department, reporting to Fu Qiang.
In the future, the business group will take creating quality travel service as its responsibility, inject service gene into drip, and make drip become the world's leading high-quality service platform. Expect the quality travel business group to fully integrate resources, exert joint efforts, and create service brand;
3. The newly established FT team of Intelligent Transportation is under the overall responsibility of Zhang Wensong. The Bus Department will be renamed Public Transportation Department formally, and will continue to be under the responsibility of Li Jinfei, who will report to Zhang Wensong.
In the future, intelligent traffic FT team will work with local governments to build a smart traffic system to make the whole city more efficient, better public travel experience, and use big data to enable urban traffic management;
4. The newly established International Business Division is under the responsibility of Stephen to initiate substantive global business expansion. As the first stop, Gu Tao will act as the head of the Brazilian team and report to Stephen to help local partners. Kevin will take over from Gu Tao as president.
The International Business Department will promote the innovative products, technologies and services we have explored in China in the global market, serving the wider population and more diversified cities.
5. Yang Jun was appointed as the head of the Automotive Asset Management Center and the Wave Business Department. Xiao Shuangsheng was appointed AGM of the Wave Business Department to report to Yang Jun.
In the visible era of new energy vehicles and intelligent driving, Droplet will surely become one of the largest automobile operators in the world. For this reason, we must hone and precipitate our automobile asset management and operational capacity in advance, and promote the landing of flood strategy.
6. Hou Jinglei is in charge of the safety management department and reports directly to Will. Bao Feng was appointed AGM of Safety Management Department and reported to Jinglei. Safety work is the most important thing, not to be lost. It is hoped that the Ministry of Safety Management will work in concert with all departments and teams of the company to substantially improve the safety factor, reduce the traffic accident rate and meet the needs of the general public for safe travel.
7. Philip is responsible for the marketing department and reports to Stephen. With the rapid development of business, Drop Brand has become the first choice for thousands of consumers to travel. Combining with the company's strategic direction, we hope that the market brand team will continue to make new contributions to Drop Brand upgrading and reputation upgrading.
In 2017, our journey is the sea of stars. Greater dreams call us ahead! There will still be thorns and countless difficulties in the way ahead, but we look forward to all the little oranges not forgetting their original intention, sticking to mission-driven, and doing the right thing. At the same time, keep in mind the gratitude and awe of users, drivers and partners. 2017, let's go together!