Announcement of Environmental Assessment of Punch Welding Parts Projects for 200,000 sets of Automobile Parts per year


Announcement of Environmental Assessment on the Puwei Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., Hunan Province, which produces 200,000 sets of stamping and welding parts per year

Project Name: Punching and Welding of 200,000 sets of automotive parts per year
Construction Unit: Hunan Puwei Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
Project Location: No. 7 Standard Factory Building of Xiangtan Jingkai High-end Automobile Parts Industrial Park
Overview of project construction: Hunan Puwei Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. invested 45 million yuan to build an annual production of 200,000 sets of stamping and welding parts for automobile parts in No. 7 standard factory building of Xiangtan Jingkai High-end Automobile Parts Industrial Park. The main products are supplying supporting raw materials for Jili, Zhongtai and other peripheral automobile manufacturers. The building area of the factory building is 9200 m2, and its building contents mainly include production workshop and comprehensive building. According to the requirements of Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China, Classified Management List of Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects and other relevant laws and regulations, Hunan Puwei Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. entrusted Hubei Huizhi Environmental Science Research Co., Ltd. to undertake the project. Environmental impact assessment and preparation of environmental impact reports. After accepting the commission, our company organized relevant technical personnel to survey the construction site of the project, and collected relevant information of the project. After careful sorting and analysis, we compiled and completed the environmental impact report form of the project, which was submitted to the competent environmental department for approval by the construction unit.
The main pollution and measures during the operation period of this project are as follows:
1. The main waste gas is welding fume. Welding fume is treated by welding fume filter and discharged through 15m exhaust tube after reaching the standard.
2. Wastewater is mainly domestic sewage, which is discharged into Hexi Sewage Treatment Plant of Xiangtan City by municipal pipeline network after being treated by septic tank of high-end automotive parts Industrial Park in Xiangtan.
3. Noise mainly comes from all kinds of welding machines, welding robots and other mechanical processing noise. Low noise equipment is used, and all of them are arranged in the workshop with sound insulation effect, which can make the noise of factory boundary reach the standard.
4. Solid waste is welding slag, dust, waste lubricating oil, oil drum and domestic waste. Among them, dust removal and welding slag are sold regularly; waste lubricating oil and oil drums are hazardous wastes and are disposed of by qualified units.
II. Procedures and main contents of environmental impact assessment:
The working procedure of environmental impact assessment can be divided into three stages: the first stage is preparation stage, collecting relevant documents, conducting preliminary field investigation and compiling work programme of environmental impact assessment; the second stage is formal stage, further engineering analysis and environmental status investigation, and environmental impact analysis and analysis. The third stage is the report preparation stage. The main task is to summarize and analyze all kinds of data and data obtained in the second stage, to draw conclusions, and to complete the preparation of the environmental impact report.
Main work contents: According to the EIA method and guideline, the evaluation work is carried out, with emphasis on engineering analysis, air environmental impact assessment and economic and technological demonstration of pollution control measures.
III. Major Matters for Public Opinion
The full text of "Environmental Impact Report Form for Punching and Welding Parts Projects of 200,000 sets of automobile parts per year" can be downloaded here. The purpose of public participation is to collect people's views, requirements and wishes on project construction within the scope of project impact. If the public has any objections to the working procedures and contents of the project or EIA work, please contact the project unit within 10 working days.
IV. Main Ways of Public Opinion
The public can contact the project construction unit by telephone, fax and letter.
5. Name and contact method of project construction unit
Construction Unit: Hunan Puwei Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 7 Standard Factory Building of Xiangtan Jingkai High-end Automobile Parts Industrial Park
Contact person: General Wang
Contact number: 15055788588
6. Name and contact information of environmental impact assessment institutions undertaking evaluation work
Evaluation Unit: Hubei Huizhi Environmental Science Research Co., Ltd.
Address of evaluation institution: No. 15 Yingui Road, Xianning Hot Spring District
Evaluation Institution Contact Person: He Gong
Contact information of evaluation institutions: 027-87635258