Warmly celebrate the first white body offline of Wuhu Puwei Technological Research Co., Ltd.


At 11:28 on October 28, 2016, the first M1AEV body-in-white framework of Puwei Company held a grand offline celebration ceremony in the welding workshop. Jiang Yubao, General Manager of Puwei Company, Sheng Hongzhi, Minister of Body Department of Chery Institute of Manufacturing Engineering, Lv Mingli, Deputy General Manager, Assistant General Manager Wang Chao, Ministers of Departments and related engineers attended the offline ceremony.

M1AEV white body offline represents the latest development achievements of Puwei Company - from single component production to whole body production, which initiates a new era of the whole body production of Puwei Company. This new energy pure electric vehicle has been highly valued and supported by the leaders of Chery Company and Puwei Company from the beginning of the project. Hold.

The successful launch of the body-in-white indicates that Puwei has the welding technology ability to produce the whole body, improves the company's market competitiveness, and lays a solid and good foundation for the follow-up company to develop other models.